Yacclib is a small OCaml library to parse and print OCamlyacc .mly files. It can also print dot graphs from these files.

It needs OCaml version 3.09.0 (or later) installed.

This software is hosted on INRIA GForge .


The documentation generated by OCamldoc can be browsed here.

Graphical editor
Yacclib comes with a graphical editor for OCamlyacc (.mly) files. The editor is quite simple by now. More features should be added, like templates or shortcuts to define usual structures (like lists).
The compilation of the graphical editor requires Cameleon2 1.9.10 (or above) to be installed.
Graphical editor screenshot
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Yacclib is distributed under the GPL license.

0.4 (2005-12-01) Graphical editor added.
0.1 (2005-11-16) Initial release.
Dot output screenshots

Here are two examples of generated dot graphs: one generated from the Yacclib parser:

Dot graph for Yacclib parser

and one from the OCaml parser (warning: this image is big: 9Mo):
Dot graph for OCaml parser

Maxence Guesdon