You will find on this page software I developed and do not maintain anymore.

Latest news

Camlget is a tool to distribute and get Objective-Caml code, in a way similar to the apt-get utility.


Chamo is a source code editor which uses OCaml as internal configuration and plugin language, like elisp for Emacs. This means that one can develop extensions for this editor and modify its behaviour in OCaml.


DBForge is a tool to describe database schemas and generate OCaml code to access these databases (well-typed SELECT, UPDATE, ..., queries).


Erssical is an OCaml library to read and write Event RSS channels (that is RSS channels with additional information to describe events), merge and filter channels and eventually export calendar data to Ical format. It comes with a command line tool and a HTTP server providing these functionalities.


Genet is tool to build a continuous integration platform. It is particulary adapted to developments involving various tools working in chain, that is some tools producing files used by other tools and so on.


Kom stands for "Keep old mails". It imports emails in a MySQL database and provides a frontend in gtk2 to search and browse the archived emails. Some options can be used to incrementally import mails (do to it each month for example). It can also export mails stored in the database, in mbox format or one-message-per-file format, and generate some statistics.


Mp3tag is an Objective-Caml library which can be used in other tools to read, write or graphically edit tags (v1 or v2) in mp3 files. It comes with tools to edit tags in your mp3 files: one to change tags in files on the command line or in a graphical user interface, the other to retrieve CDDB information from a list of files and set the tags accordingly.

1.4 (2005-08-30) Latest release.
OCamldoc generators

I created some OCamldoc custom generators. You can find them here.


OCaml-RDF is an OCaml library to manipulate RDF graphs; it also implements the Sparql 1.1 Query Language.


OCaml-RSS is a small OCaml library providing functions to parse and print RSS 2.0 files.


OCamltop-Gtk is a Gtk2 graphical interface for the OCaml toplevel. Like the text mode toplevel, it permits interactive use of the OCaml system through a read-eval-print loop and provides some additional functionalities.


OCamldot is a small OCaml library to parse and print Graphviz dot files. It comes with an additional module defining a Lablgtk2 box to display such graphs, and handle mouse clicks on nodes.


Plandot reads a Graphviz graph description with some additional information describing "slides" and generates one image per slide. Each slide specifies which nodes of the graph should be visible. Plandot can then be used in your slides to present evolutions of a graph, where placement of nodes remains the same for each slide.


Share is a(nother) library of useful functions. But it can be used as a classic OCaml library (download, compile, install, use and link with), or with Camlget, since all elements are exported in a caml-get archive. I encourage to use caml-get rather than the library in a "classic" way, since there are already too many "my own useful functions" libraries.


Stog is the static blog and web site generator I developed for my own needs. I use it to generate the site you are reading right now.


Xtmpl is an XML templating library for OCaml.