Here are some software I developed and do not maintain any more for various reasons: some have been integrated in other software, some have been replaced by others, some I simply do not have time nor appetite to continue. They remain available, though.


LablGtkSourceView are the OCaml bindings for GtkSourceView, a GTK widget which extends the standard GTK text widgets implementing syntax highlighting, automatic indentation, and other typical features of source editors.

Using LablGtkSourceView you can instantiate and use GtkSourceView widgets in OCaml programs which use GTK through the LablGtk interface.

A first incomplete version of this interface was developed by Stefano Zacchiroli. I contributed in adding missing bindings and examples.

Finally, the library was included in LablGtk, where we maintain it.


MyCGR is a collection of tools to compule the Chaos Game Representation on DNA sequences. It comes with an Objective-Caml library to do these computations in other applications. It was developed during the thesis of Peggy CĂ©nac to implement:

The web site is currently only in french.

Mysite is a CDuce program to generate XHTML 1.0 files from XML files describing a web site.

OCamldoc is like Javadoc but for OCaml: it generates documentation from OCaml source files, using special comments. It can generate various formats (HTML, LaTeX, man pages,...) and can also load custom generators (like doclets in Javadoc). OCamldoc is included in the OCaml distribution since release 3.05.

OCamlODBC is a library allowing the use of ODBC drivers from OCaml programs.

Ocgi is an Objective-Caml library to develop CGIs. It comes with a tool to use templates in OCaml programs. The library is still under development but is already used in MyRSS and the


Oug is a code analysis tool building reference graphs from OCaml code, that is graphs representing which elements (value, module, class, ...) reference which elements. One of the usage of this tool is to find useless (i.e. not referenced) code.

Yacclib is a small OCaml library to parse and print OCamlyacc .mly files. It can also print dot graphs from these files.